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We clarify your doubts, we tell you about our services and travel assistance.

Each person who purchases an INTERWELT assistance card will be given their voucher with the passenger's information, the product purchased and the coverage contracted. Inside the voucher you will have all the emergency numbers and lines to communicate in case of an emergency. Additionally, you will receive the condition where you can read all the clauses of the contracted service. We recommend always reading this condition before traveling.
It is an assistance service that offers solutions to any inconvenience or emergency that may arise during your trip. Interwelt has coverage for illnesses or accidents, lost luggage, flight delays, legal services and many more, which you can find in your voucher or general conditions.
Yes, you can contract our services from anywhere in the world, you only have to wait a period of 7 days for covid-19 coverage and 5 days for any other coverage to be able to use your assistance plan.
If a passenger decides to extend their trip for any reason, they must contact our advisors up to 24 hours before their voucher expires to request an extension. The Operational Center will analyze the case and make a decision on the matter.
In the case of being able to extend the voucher, the client will pay the difference for the days they wish to continue their trip.
By means of a call, email or WhatsApp message to the lines indicated in the voucher. We will provide the respective attention to our traveler depending on their emergency.

Important: The passenger must report the emergency to the emergency lines at the times indicated in the general conditions.
We protect you against any illness, accident or unforeseen situations during your trip:
All the benefits will be found in the contracted voucher, which is why it is important to receive the advice of one of our experts before contracting your plan so that it adapts to the needs of your trip.
We protect you against any illness, accident or unforeseen situations during your trip:
You can cancel the service while the trip has not started.
If you need to cancel or modify your Travel Assistance, you must contact us up to 24 hours before the start date of the trip indicated on the voucher.
Note: In case of return, interwelt will deduct the administrative expenses of the purchase.
If you tried to make the payment once, but it was rejected, contact our WhatsApp line +57 300 4822249 immediately, one of our advisors will tell you how to make the payment or create a personalized link for you.